Just as everyone is.whirlpooling me.into.their daily lives, I can feel the shut down happening, at such a fucking fantastic time. Maybe keeping busy with the show and.all my classes will keep me from making more foul choices unto others and prevent me from thinking.to deep. Sorry for.the rant.


Ulyana Lopatkina and Marat Shemiunov in the Fragments of a Biography, music by Astor Piazzolla, choreography by Vladimir Vasiliev. Shot in May, 2014.

Photo: J. Devant

(via mspasdechat)


So this is why I haven’t been on tumblr very often in the last few weeks. I was finally, finally in a main stage show after years of doing strictly stage management. It’s been an experience I would never trade for the world and I love my department that much more because of it.